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Pragmatic Trials

2014 Workshop

Pragmatic (or practical) trials are concerned with producing answers to questions faced by decision makers and relevant stakeholders. Pragmatic trials seek to increase the external validity of the findings while maintaining strong internal validity. Tunis and colleagues defined them as studies that (1) select relevant alternative interventions to compare; (2) include a diverse population of study participants; (3) recruit participants from heterogeneous practice settings; and (4) collect data on a broad range of health outcomes. This workshop provided participants with grounding in pragmatic trial strategies and design principles, and was designed to prepare health researchers to write successful grant proposals.

Pragmatic Clinical Trials Workshop Workbook​ (pdf)

This workbook is a companion guide to the workshop and is a comprehensive source of information, tools, and resources for pragmatic trials. 

Other materials from the workshop are posted on a Canvas site:​ .

Faculty Included:

  • Elaine Morrato, UCD, CSPH
  • Allison Kempe, UCD, SOM 
  • Borsika Rabin, UCD, SOM 
  • Russell Glasgow, UCD, SOM
  • Edward Havranek, Denver Health
  • Anne Libby, UCD, DOCP


Source:  Tunis SR, Stryer DB, Clancy CM. Practical clinical trials: increasing the value of clinical research for decision making in clinical and health policy. JAMA 2003;290(12):1624-1632.​​