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Dissemination and Implementation Training

2013 Workshop


The workshop objective was to introduce participants to D&I concepts, strategies, and design principles, and to help participants formulate D&I research questions, develop D&I plans, and identify where to access D&I-specific resources. The workshop was designed to be relevant to health researchers, practitioners, and other professionals interested in D&I to improve health and healthcare.


Dissemination and Imp​lementation in Health and Healthcare Training Guide and Workbook (PDF)​  

This workbook is a companion guide to the workshop and is a comprehensive source of D&I information, tools, and resources.

Canvas website containing materials from the CRISP D&I Training Workshop held October 17, 2013 can be accessed here​. ​


Navigating the Canvas website

PowerPoint presentations, videos, and other documents from the workshop are organized into 6 modules:

  1. Introduction and general information
  2. Why are we here? The promise and challenge of D&I
  3. What is D&I? Definitions and frameworks
  4. Designing for D&I: Strategies and toolkits
  5. How do I know if I am successful? Evaluation and measurement
  6. Tips for success: Being successful in research, practice and D&I project management


To access the workshop materials on Canvas: Once you are on the Canvas D&I Workshop website, click on the item you would like to view. If the item does not appear on the screen, click the title in the dark gray bar at the top of the screen. The material will then either be downloaded onto your browser or you will be sent to another website where you can view the file.


Questions or comments? Please contact:



Elaine Morrato, DrPH, MPH

Education Core/Collaborative Scientific Lead

Center for Research in Implementation Science and Prevention (CRISP)

University of Colorado School of Medicine

(303) 724-1535​