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Increasing Immunization Rates

Increasing immunization rates is a main focus of CRISP. We currently have a comparative effectiveness trial underway to assess reminder/recall methods for increasing childhood immunization.

The overall goal of Reminder/Recall Immunization study is to increase effectiveness, cost effectiveness and acceptability to practices and families of population-based R/R by introducing a strong private-public collaboration and maximizing health information technologies that allow practices to interface with Colorado’s Immunization Information System (CIIS).

Two real-world approaches will be compared: one approach will provide primary care practices the tools to conduct recall and educational interventions. In the other approach, population-based centralized recall by the state immunization registry will be conducted in collaboration with practices. Determining which of these methods is most effective in reaching the most children and comparing the cost of each will provide data critical in guiding future national efforts to assure that children entering school are fully vaccinated.


Read more about the project (PDF).


Dr. Allison Kempe receiving the Academic Pediatric Association's 2011 Research AwardDr. Allison Kempe won the 2011 Academic Pediatric Association's Research Award, which recognized the highest level of research excellence and achievement in the field of general pediatrics. Dr. Kempe's research has led to improved child health policies in health disparities among underserved populations, state Children's Health Insurance Programs funding, and immunization delivery, policies and practices. She received her award during the Pediatric Academic Societies' 2011 Annual Meeting.