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Christopher Stille, MD, MPH

Investigator Leadership Core

Contact Information
  • Section Head, General Academic Pediatrics, Children's Hospital Colorado/CU SOM

Research Interests 
  • ​Family-Centered Medical Home
  • Systems of Care for Children with Special Health Care Needs
  • Practice-based Research
  • Quality Improvement

Selected Publications

  • Stille, C.J. , Primack, W.A., Savageau, J.A. Generalist-subspecialist communication for children with chronic conditions: a regional physician survey. Pediatrics 112 (6): 1314-1320 (2003). PMID:14654603.
  • Stille, C.J., Jerant, A., Bell, D., Meltzer, D., Elmore, J.G. Coordinating care across diseases, settings, and clinicians: a key role for the generalist in practice. Annals of Internal Medicine 142:700-708 (2005). PMID:15838089.
  • Stille, C.J., McLaughlin, T.J., Primack, W.A., Mazor, K.M., Wasserman, R.C. Determinants and Impact of Generalist-Specialist Communication about Pediatric Outpatient Referrals. Pediatrics 118: 1341-1349 (2006). PMID:17015522.
  • Stille, C.J. , Primack, W.A, McLaughlin, T.J., Wasserman, R.C. Parents as Information Intermediaries between Primary Care and Specialty Physicians. Pediatrics 120:1238-1246 (2007). PMID:18055672.
  • Antonelli, R.C., Stille, C.J., Antonelli, D.A. Care Coordination for Children and Youth With Special Health Care Needs: A Descriptive, Multi-Site Study of Activities, Personnel Costs, and Outcomes. Pediatrics 122: e209-e216 (2008). PMID:18595966.
  • Stille C.J. , Turchi R.M., Antonelli R.C., Cabana M, Cheng TL, Laraque D, Perrin JM. The Family Centered Medical Home (FCMH): Specific Considerations for Child Health Research and Policy. Academic Pediatrics 10:211-217 (2010). PMID:20605546.
  • Stille, C.J. , Mazor, K.M., Meterko, V., Wasserman, R.C. Development and Validation of a Tool to Improve Pediatric Referral/Consultation Communication. BMJ Quality and Safety 20:692-697 (2011). PMID:21339312.
  • Stille, C.J. , Savageau, J.A., McBride, J., Alper E. Quality Improvement “201”: Context-Relevant QI Leadership Training for the Busy Clinician-Educator. American Journal of Medical Quality 27:98-105 (2012). PMID:21896786​.
  • For a full list, see PubMed