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​Elaine Morrato, DrPH, MPH, CPH

Collaborative Scientific Lead and Training and Education Core Lead​

Contact Information

Other Positions

  • Associate Professor, Department of Health Systems Management and Policy, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Associate Director, Children's Outcomes Research Program (COR)

Research Interests 
  • Health outcomes
  • Healthcare dissemination and implementation
  • Drug safety
  • Risk management
  • Mental health services

Selected Publications

  • Morrato EH, “Comparative Effectiveness and Health Care Reform, Counterpoint Commentary: Patient-Centered Outcomes Research: Putting the patient at the center of comparative effectiveness research” in Debates on U.S. Health Care Reform. Kronenfeld J, Parmet W, Zezza M, eds. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE, 2012. ISBN: 9781412996020.​
  • Morrato EH , Allison DB. FDA Approval of Obesity Drugs A Difference in Risk-Benefit Perceptions. JAMA 2012; 308(11):1097-8. PMID:22990266​.
  • Fox D, Morrato EH, Campagna E, Rees D, Dickinson LM, Partrick D, Kempe A. Outcomes of Laparoscopic Versus Open Fundoplication in Children's Hospitals: 2005-2008. Pediatrics 2011; 127:872-880. PMID:21502226.
  • Nicol GE, Morrato EH, Johnson MC, Campagna E, Yingling MD, Pham V, Newcomer JW. Best Practices: Implementation of a Glucose Screening Program Based on Diffusion of Innovation Theory Methods. Psychiatr Serv. January 2011; 62(1):12-14. PMID:21209293.
  • Morrato EH, Druss B, Hartung DM, Valuck RJ, Thomas D, Allen RR, Campagna E, Newcomer JW. Small Area Variation in Metabolic Risk Management for Patients Initiating Second-Generation Antipsychotics. Pharmacoepidemiology and Drug Safety 2010; 20:66-75. PMID:21182154.
  • For a full list, see PubMed