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​Julie Marshall, PhD

Investigator Leadership Core

Contact Information

Other Positions

  • Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Colorado School of Public Health
  • Director, Rocky Mountain Prevention Research Center
  • Co-Director, Colorado Public Health Practice-based Research Network
  • Director, Doctoral Program in Public Health, Epidemiology

Research Interests 
  • Chronic disease epidemiology
  • Integrating public health practice and practice based research
  • Utilization focused surveillance

Selected Publications

  • Belansky ES, Cutforth N, Chavez R, Crane LA, Waters E, Bartlett-Horch K, Marshall JA. Adapted Intervention Mapping: A strategic planning process for increasing physical activity and healthy eating opportunities in schools via environment and policy change. J School Health, in press.
  • Marshall JA, VanRaemdonck LN. Rural Public Health Systems: A View from Colorado. In Crosby RA, Wendel MI, Vanderpool RC, Casey B (Eds) Rural Populations and Health: Determinants, Disparities, and Solutions. John Wiley & Sons. 2012, pages 95-114.
  • Ton TGN, Fogg TT, Fong CT, John C, Li S, Marshall JA, Peters K, Neal W, Pearson T. Knowledge, Perception and Behaviors of Relatives of Persons with Premature Heart Disease: A Systematic Literature Review. Circulation 124(8):958-64, 2011. PMID:21859983​.
  • Huebschmann AG, Crane LA, Belansky ES, Scarbro S, Marshall JA, Regensteiner JG. Fear of injury with physical activity is greater in adults with diabetes mellitus compared with adults without diabetes. Diabetes Care 34(8):1717-22, 2011. PMID:21700920.
  • Cornier MA, Marshall JA, Hill JO, Maahs DM, Eckel RH. Prevention of Overweight/Obesity as a Strategy to Optimize Cardiovascular Health. Circulation 124(7):840-50, 2011. PMID:21844090.
  • Hale J, Knapp C, Bardwell L, Buchenau M, Marshall JA, Sancar F, Litt JS. Connecting food environments and health through the relational nature of aesthetics: Gaining insight through the community gardening experience. Social Science and Medicine 72(11):1853-1863, 2011. PMID:21596466.
  • Litt JS, Soobader M, Buchenau M, Marshall JA. The Influence of Social Involvement, Neighborhood Aesthetics, and Community Garden Participation on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption. American Journal of Public Health 101(8):1466-73, 2011. PMID:21680931.
  • For a full list, see PubMed