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​Karen Albright, PhD

Qualitative Core Lead

Contact Information
  • Assistant Professor, Department of Community and Behavioral Health, Colorado School of Public Health ​

Research Interests 
  • ​Health behaviors among socioeconomically disadvantaged populations
  • Distrust of pharmaceutical medicine and Western health care systems
  • Social and psychological effects of trauma

Selected Publications

  • Alison Saville, Karen Albright, Carolyn T. Nowels, Juliana Barnard, Matthew F. Daley, Shannon Stokley, Kimberly Irby, and Allison Kempe. 2011. “Getting Under the Hood: Exploring Issues that Affect Provider-Based Recall Using an Immunization Information System.” Academic Pediatrics 11(1): 44-49. PMID:21272823.
  • Karen Albright, Grace Chung, Allison DeMarco, and Joan Yoo. 2011. “Moving Beyond Geography: Health Practices and Outcomes Across Time and Place.” In Communities, Neighborhoods and Health: Expanding the Boundaries of Place, L. Burton, S. Kemp, S. Mathews, & D. Takeuchi (Eds.). New York: Springer.
  • Anne Lambert-Kerzner, Edward P. Havranek, Mary E. Plomondon, Karen Albright, Ashley Moore, Kelsey Gryniewicz, David Magid, and P. Michael Ho. 2010. “Patients’ Perspectives of a Multifaceted Intervention with a Focus on Technology: A Qualitative Analys​is.” Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality and Outcomes 3: 668-674. PMID:20923992.
  • Karen Albright and Teresa D. LaFromboise. 2010. “Hopelessness among White- and Indian- Identified American Indian Adolescents.” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 16 (3): 437-442. PMID:20658888.
  • Teresa D. LaFromboise, Karen Albright, and Alex Harris. 2010. “Patterns of Hopelessness among American Indian Adolescents: Relationships by Levels of Acculturation and Residence.” Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Minority Psychology 16 (1): 68-76. PMID:20099966.
  • For a full list, see PubMed