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Current BIRCWH Scholars

Colleen Julian, PhD - Research Instructor

Project Title: Hypoxia-associated impairment of fetal growth: Epigenomic Perspectives

Research Areas: To understand the mechanisms by which hypoxia impairs maternal adaptation to pregnancy and fetal growth, and to evaluate whether the detrimental consequences of these effects for immediate and long-term health of the child are sexspecific. 


Jacinda Nicklas, MD - Assistant Professor

Project Title:   Fit After Baby: A Mobile Health (mHealth) Lifestyle Intervention Program to increase postpartum weight loss in women at elevated risk for cardiometebolic disease.

Research Areas: My research experience, including investigating behaviors related to weight loss, characterizing the impact of weight loss on inflammation, and conducting a web-based RCT in postpartum women, has prepared me well for my BIRCWH program.


Sarah Perman, MD - Assistant Professor

Project Title:   Gender differences in end-of-life decisions after cardiac arrest

Research Areas: As a physician-scientist in emergency medicine and resuscitation research, I have completed formal research methodologic training, have received strong early mentorship, and am committed to a research career examining the effect of gender differences in post-cardiac arrest care and outcomes for women who suffer cardiac arrest. 

​​Mike Rudolph Thumbnail.jpg

Michael Rudlolph, PhD​ - Assistant Professor

Project Title:   Early Life Fatty Acid Exposures Dictate Obesity Predisposition

Research Areas:  As a post-doctoral fellow, my research goal is to pursue a deeper understanding of how maternal obesity and maternal dietary fatty acid intake affect milk fat quality; and in turn, how early life exposures to different milk fatty acid constituents influence infant adipogenesis and metabolic programming. Given the prevalence of obesity in the U.S. in both adults and in children, there is a critical need for researchers with interdisciplinary training to elucidate novel mechanisms connecting these observations.