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Current BIRCWH Scholars

Kristen Boyle

Kristen Boyle, PhD - Department of Pediatrics

Project Title:  Maternal Programming of Fetal Stem Cells

Research Areas: Effects of obesity during pregnancy on the fetal development

Melanie Green
Melanie Cree Green - Division of Pediatric Endocrinology, Department of Pediatrics, 3rd Year Fellow
Project Title: The role of hepatic lipognesis in hepatic insulin resistance in obese girls with hyperandrogenism
Research Areas: My research and clinical interests lie in the interaction between sex hormones and insulin resistance in adolescent females

Colleen Julian, PhD - Research Instructor

Project Title: Hypoxia-associated impairment of fetal growth: Epigenomic Perspectives

Research Areas: To understand the mechanisms by which hypoxia impairs maternal adaptation to pregnancy and fetal growth, and to evaluate whether the detrimental consequences of these effects for immediate and long-term health of the child are sexspecific. 


Jacinda Nicklas, MD - Assistant Professor

Project Title:   Fit After Baby: A Mobile Health (mHealth) Lifestyle Intervention Program to increase postpartum weight loss in women at elevated risk for cardiometebolic disease.

Research Areas: My research experience, including investigating behaviors related to weight loss, characterizing the impact of weight loss on inflammation, and conducting a web-based RCT in postpartum women, has prepared me well for my BIRCWH program.