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Pilot Project Assistance Program

The Pilot Project Assistance Program is a program offered by the Proteomic / Mass Spectrometry Core Facility that encourages collaborative research by offering instrument analysis discounts to those investigators attempting to obtain preliminary data for funding applications in which mass spectrometry is an indicated method of analysis.


Program Description                                                             
  • All projects proposals involving the use of mass spectrometry are eligible for instrument analysis discounts under the Pilot Project Assistance Program
  • The discount applied to the project indicated on the application will count towards the first 24 samples or 100 hours of instrument time used. The number of expected samples should be noted on the application.
  • An individual may only submit 2 applications a year for the Pilot Project Assistance Program
  • Three discount categories are offered: University of Colorado applicants, Academic Applicants, and External Applicants
  • University of Colorado applicants are those persons employed by the University of Colorado and members of the Colorado Clinical & Translational Sciences Institute or Cancer Center.
  • Academic applicants are those individuals that do not meet the above criteria but are still affiliated with an academic institution
  • External applicants are those persons not affiliated with an academic institution such as government and industrial labs


Application Requirements                                                        
  1. Letter of Intent: Applicants should fill out the Letter of Intent that acknowledges they understand the Pilot Project Assistance Program and submit it along with their Application.

  2. Application: Applicants should describe their research project and how they intend to use the mass spectrometry facility to achieve a specific aim.  The application is a shortened version of an NIH-style application, summarizing the project’s overall specific aims, background, preliminary data, and research methods within a one page limit. References, Budget, Justification, Biosketches, and Letters are not required. No Appendices, please.  Applications must use Arial 11 pt font, be single-spaced, and use 1 inch margins.  An application checklist is included on the next page with all required application materials.


Applications must be submitted within 4 weeks of the initial Core Facility interest meeting where your project was discussed with members of the Core Facility. If you have not scheduled a meeting to discuss your project with the Core Facility manager, please do so before submitting this application. See the Contact Us Page for more information on how to contact a member of the Core Facility.  The entire application must be formatted as a single document in PDF format for submission by email to


After Pilot Project Assistance Program Discount Limit is Met      
Once an individual has received an instrument analysis discount through the Pilot Project Assistance Program and reached the maximum sample limit or instrument usage stated in the Project Guidelines, that individual will be charged standard instrument rates. If additional data is needed to submit the funding application identified on the original proposal, an addendum to the application describing the need for an extension of the discount must be submitted prior to reaching the maximum sample limit. Keep in mind that standard instrument analysis rates should be used when calculating expected instrument analysis costs for the funding application. See the Fee for Service - Rates page for more information. 


What Are the Discounted Rates?       

The discounted rates applicable to your project will be discussed with you during your initial Core Facility interest meeting. Please contact a member of the Core Facility to schedule that meeting prior to submitting your application. See the Contact Us Page.

Ready to Submit Your Application?      

If you are ready to submit your application, download the following Instructions and Letter of Intent. Refer to the Application Requirements on the Instructions for details on how to format and submit your application. Please feel free to contact the Core Facility with any additional questions or concerns.