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Meet the faculty and staff of the Systems Biology Core Facility


Find out more information about our facility personnel in the tabs below.  Details of technical expertise and publications may be found by following the links on the navigation sidebar.


Karen Jonscher, PhD, Proteomics Director

Dr. Jonscher has over 20 years of experience in biological mass spectrometry, including instrument development, method design and data interpretation and validation. She collaborates with and assists researchers in developing detailed analytical plans and constructing realistic budgets for proteomics-based projects. She has expertise in a variety of mass spectrometry-based proteomics sample preparation workflows, including protein fractionation, immunoprecipitation, gel electrophoresis, nanscale HPLC and isoelectric separation of peptides. She has extensive experience in proteomics data interpretation and manual validation that helps ensure the reliability of results obtained from proteomic experiments.

Dr. Jonscher is affiliated with the Mucosal Inflammation Program and the Center for Hypoxia and Ischemia Research within the Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Colorado Denver. Her current research interests focus on protein regulation by post-translational modification, proteomics of epithelial cells in a model of hypoxia, and mechanisms behind fetal membrane rupture. The Proteomics division also is part of a Tissue Analysis and Technology Core serving the NIDDK Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Pelvic Pain Network.

Douglas Kominsky, PhD, Metabolite Analysis and Quantitative PCR Director

More information about Dr. Kominsky's research interests can be found here.

Sean Colgan, PhD, Senior Faculty Mentor

Dr. Sean Colgan oversees the activities of the core and directs the Mucosal Inflammation Program, the home site for the core facility. Dr. Colgan's research interests are summarized here.  For more information about Dr. Colgan's background, please click here.


This position is currently open.

Brittelle Bowers, PRA

Brittelle operates and provides training for the Mesocale Discovery System, the Coularray and the RT-PCR machines located in the Colgan lab.