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Systems Biology Core Facility Policies

Information to help users understand how to interact with the core


User Costs:

Please find our current core prices for UCD investigators here.  Special pricing is available for members of the Department of Anesthesiology and the Mucosal Inflammation Program.  If you are interested in a service that does not currently appear on this document, please contact us for more information. 

Core Pricing

Authorship Guidelines:

Personnel in core facilities provide essential services for their users and it is important to recognize their contributions to the scientific advancement of the projects.  The type of recognition that is most appropriate may be different for individual projects, depending on the contribution that core facility personnel provide.  We utilize the guidelines recommended by the Association of Molecular Biology Resource Facilities.  Please discuss authorship with us early in the project.  Please also acknowledge core funding from the Department of Anesthesiology and the Mucosal Inflammation Program at UCD.



If a project requires extensive mass spectrometry analysis, in some cases a collaboration between the core and another lab may be established.  Collaborations usually entail co-authorship and, in some cases, modified fee structures, especially when numerous analyses of a similar nature must be carried out so that economy of scale may be achieved.  In all cases, collaborations can only be established by mutual agreement of the heads of the labs involved, including the relevant core director and senior faculty mentor.