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Proteomics Education

Course information

Welcome to Proteomics!

Here you will find a syllabus for the class, pdfs for the reading assignments, and a guide for the laboratory.  Please note that all reading should be done before the class period in which it is listed.  This will help provide you with some familiarity so that you will be able to follow the lectures more effectively!  Follow the navigation links on the left side of this page to view the syllabus, reading assignments, lab guidelines, etc.

If you are confused, have questions, or want to learn more, please contact me, Karen Jonscher, at 303-724-7244 or e-mail

   Course Schedule





Review of syllabus, introductory topics, sample preparation, ionization.

Review “What is Mass Spectrometry” on the ASMS website (  An additional site is  Read Spectroscopy Mass Spec Tutorial.


Instrumentation and applications


Review MALDI-TOF tutorials at:  .  Other good things to look at include a presentation on time of flight mass analyzers by Carty and the 2001 review on MALDI imaging by Caprioli.  Review interpretation of ESI spectra at Read Anal Biochem Ion Trap Review Jonscher.



Virtual laboratory

Review introductory material for virtual lab at VMSL website  Read Shevchenko papers for the Protein Identification Case Study  and the MALDI matrix guide, look up common MALDI matrices.  Take the Case Study pre-test, print and turn in on 4/12/11.  Read Cottrell Database Searching Tutorial.


Data interpretation and validation

Lab report due.  Read Steen and Mann, ABCs and XYZs of protein sequencing.  Turn in data validation homework by 4/19/11.