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Online Training

Assistive Technology Partners' mission is for persons with cognitive, sensory, and/or physical disabilities to reach their highest potential at home, school, work and play through the addition of appropriate Assistive Technologies (AT) that will enhance their quality of life. One way we achieve this is by offering a well-rounded educational program that reaches all sectors of the community. ATP provides courses designed for a wide variety of audiences that range from the consumer of AT and their family to the professional AT service provider who works with them. 

Assistive Technology Partners offers a variety of Online Training Courses. Online training provides an alternative to traditional instruction and allows learners to access trainings from home, work, or most computers with Internet access.

Why Take These Online Courses?

Online training provides an easy, cost-effective means of acquiring proficiency. It allows you to:

  • Learn anytime, anywhere
  • Start and stop whenever you want
  • You control the pace
  • No software required
  • Earn Certificates of Completion

How to Get Started 

Step 1: View Online Course Catalog below

Step 2: Register Online - Clicking on this link will direct you to our secure payment page where you can register for the course(s) you are interested in.

Step 3: Set up your ATP Online Training Account.

Step 4: Access the online course(s) you registered for by entering the respective enrollment key(s) provided in your registration confirmation email.

Online Course Catalog 

The course listing below is categorized by content area. Click on the course title to view content information.

Specs and Requirements

  • Computer/Browser Recommendation - The online training system we use is called Moodle. It works well in all standard, modern browsers and different operating systems.
  • Skill Level - To use Moodle, you only need basic web browsing skills.
  • Audio - Sounds card and speakers or headphones for Courses with videos.
  • Assistive Technology - Moodle supports many screen-readers, screen-magnifiers, alternative mouse and key use, disabling of AJAX and Javascript, and more.
  • Additional Questions About Moodle - Visit About Moodle FAQ.

Assistive Technology Partners also offers live educational trainings that are featured under Upcoming Events.

Early Intervention

Overview of Assistive Technology for Early InterventionMaureen Melonis, MSN, CCC-SLP & Brian Burne, MSM, OTRLess than 2 hours
Assistive Technology for CommunicationMaureen Melonis, MSN, CCC-SLP & Brian Burne, MSM, OTRLess than 2 hours
Assistive Technology for Positioning and MobilityBrian Burne, MSM, OTR & Maureen Melonis, MSN, CCC-SLPLess than 2 hours
Assistive Technology for Play and InteractionMaureen Melonis, MSN, CCC-SLP & Brian Burne, MSM, OTRLess than 2 hours
Full 4 Course Early Intervention Moodle TrackMaureen Melonis, MSN, OTR & Maureen Melonis, MSN, CCC-SLPLess than 2 hours


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