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Wheelchair Performance Testing Clinic

Picture of an active boy in a wheelchair.ATP’s Wheelchair Performance Testing Clinic uses the latest technological advancements to perform a comprehensive analysis of your manual wheelchair needs. People who use manual wheelchairs push their wheels 2000-3000 times a day. Overuse injuries to wrists, elbows and shoulders are very common. Studies have shown that a person who has been properly fit to their wheelchair and has been taught optimal propulsion techniques can reduce and even eliminate these types of injuries. The goal of ATP’s experienced staff of occupational and physical therapists is to:

  1. Identify a manual wheelchair that is right for you
  2. Properly adjust your chair to optimize your body mechanics and comfort
  3. Maximize the efficiency and minimize the effort on every push you take
  4. ATP’s therapist will perform a comprehensive assessment, during which they will listen to your concerns and goals; they will assess sitting posture, mobility, and joint flexibility; assess your propulsion characteristics using our SmartWheel; and discuss all potential modifications or product needs.

Our evaluations are billed as physical or occupational therapy services, and as such are covered by most private health insurance, Medicare and Medicaid.  Our administrative staff will let you know if services will not be covered by your medical insurance; however, you should be knowledgeable about your physical and/or occupational therapy benefits, as you may be responsible for co-pays or co-insurance. You can also pay privately for our services.

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