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Electronic Aids to Daily Living (EADLs)

""A form of assistive technology that provides an alternate means to control appliances or tools in the environment is known as Electronic Aids to Daily Living, or EADL. Many individuals with physical disabilities have difficulty operating things in their home, such as their doors, windows, lights, or television.  EADLs can enable a person to develop or maintain their independence in the home, and they can range from simple to complex.  A simple system could be a rigid cord attached to a light switch to enable a person in a wheelchair to reach and operate a light switch, or a TV remote with enlarged buttons.   Some simple EADL devices control just one thing like a TV through infrared (IR), electric lights through X-10 or a door opener through radio frequency (RF).  Complex EADL systems provide individuals with the ability to control  multiple aspects of their environment like lights, fans, doors and latches, HVAC systems, entertainment and audio-visual components, from a central control unit.  

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