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Product Testing Laboratory

People working together

​There are 54 million people with disabilities in the United States. They want to use your products.

We can help you design them so they can.

You know how critical it is to clearly understand your customers’ user experience with your product. Market research in the form of focus groups and/or usability testing can provide data crucial to this effort. And if your market includes people with disabilities, nuances in that experience can be critical to their success or failure with the product, and their ultimate satisfaction with it.

At Assistive Technology Partners, we work closely with people with disabilities and those who care for them.  We can bring their insights and user experience to bear on your product or concept, providing the input needed to ensure its market viability and success with this demographic.  Through our Product Testing Laboratory, we organize and run focus groups with actual users with disabilities.  We also test the usability of your prototype with people with disabilities in a way that is customized to evaluate the issues you want to explore.

Our services include the following.

Product Issues/Focus Group Management

  • Defining test objectives, designing the study
  • Preparing participant recruitment screener and discussion guidelines
  • Recruiting and incenting the respondents
  • Provision and set up of necessary equipment (digital audio/video capture system)
  • Moderating and audio/video capture of the groups
  • Preparing a detailed summary outlining key findings and conclusions 

AT Product Usability Testing Services                                        

  • Recruitment screening development and implementation
  • Defining problem statement(s) and test objectives*
  • Developing user profiles and personas*
  • Creating test use cases and scenarios
  • Pre-test interviews with participants
  • Usability test implementation and capture
  • Capture and pre/post-test survey analyses
  • Comprehensive  report including capture data and results of analyses
*these are carried out in collaboration with the customer