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Two people testing a software product.

Assistive Technology Product Testing Lab

Designers, clinicians, and consumers all need credible product information when it comes to assistive technology and related products. Designers need to understand how their products will be used by their target market, and what design features enhance or undermine the user’s experience. Clinicians need to know how usable and durable products are to recommend what is most appropriate for their client. And consumers need a means of determining what products will be effective as well as easy to set up and use to meet their functional needs.

At Assistive Technology Partners, we have developed an assistive technology product testing lab called Use-Ability Partners. Its primary purpose is to test assistive technology products and commercial products with AT applications to identify strengths and deficiencies in product design, functionality, and dependability. The Laboratory will generate and organize data and information from an Expert Review Program, a Usability Testing Program, and an Environment and Usage Test Program. Through these product evaluation programs, Assistive Technology Partners will shed light on the effectiveness, usability and durability of a variety of AT and commercial products, helping manufacturers identify ways to improve product performance and marketability, and helping consumers to choose AT products more wisely.

For more information about the Assistive Technology Product Testing Lab, contact Greg McGrew.

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