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Test Tools

​Test data and information is gathered through surveys and questionnaires administered to participants and through the video/audio capture of participant behaviors, questions.  This digital video is collected and processed through a laptop computer running the usability software program, Morae.

Immediately prior to the test, the test monitor asked each participant a small set of questions designed to verify (through self-report) that he/she met inclusion criteria for the test (see appendix XXX). Once test tasks are completed by the participant, the System Usability Scale (SUS) is verbally administered. This is a standardized usability measure created by Digital Equipment Corporation in 1986. It was designed for evaluating computer software, but has been used extensively for assessing the usability of all kinds of user interfaces.

Morae version 3.2 running on a Dell Latitude laptop computer with Windows XP was used as the platform for capturing and analyzing test video and audio. Morae takes in up to two digital inputs (in this case, two webcam feeds) and provides the test monitor with tools for marking and assessing significant test events such as errors, participant comments, and monitor observations.