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ClickReader Options and Settings

NOTICE: Unfortunately due to changes in Firefox 15 and up, we are no longer able to update ClickReader. We are sorry to say that we no longer have the resources to update it. If anyone would like to do this, links to source code and documentation can be found on the left.

ClickReader has several user configurable options and settings that can be changed via the options window.  The window can be opened in four different ways:

  1. Click on the options button in the ClickReader toolbar
  2. Select “ClickReader: Options” in the right-click context menu
  3. Go to Firefox Tools menu -> ClickReader -> Options
  4. Click on the Options button from the Firefox Add-ons Manager.


General Settings

ClickReader General Settings window

The only setting that can be changed under the Settings pane is whether or not to use shortcut key modifiers.  Shortcut key modifiers determine if the Ctrl + Shift keys need to be pressed on Windows or the Cmd + Shift keys need to be pressed on Mac OS X in order to activate a shortcut key.

By default, shortcut key modifiers are enabled.

Note that if shortcut key modifiers are disabled and the “Search for text when I start typing” Firefox accessibility option(found in the Advanced section of Firefox options, under the General tab) is selected, the ClickReader shortcut keys will not work properly.​

Voice Settings

ClickReader Voice Settings window 

The Voice pane contains settings which are related to the voice used by ClickReader.  If Firefox is running on a Windows machine, the user can change which voice is used by using the dropdown menu which automatically displays a list of all voices that are installed on the local computer.

The next group of settings deals with the voice speed, pitch and volume.  All of these settings can be adjusted by moving the associated sliding scale, by changing the value in the textbox or by using the increment/decrement controls next to the textbox.

There is also a checkbox that can be used to hear voice settings change instantly.  While ClickReader is reading the page and any of the above three sliders are changed, the changes in the voice’s speed, pitch or volume will be instantly audible if this box is checked.  This setting might not work properly if ClickReader is installed on any operating system other than Windows.

The next section of voice settings has to do with the reading of Math ML elements.  Similar to the voice settings, there are sliders, a text box and increment/decrement controls for each setting.  The rate of speech of Math ML cues can be changed as well as the number of cues.

There is also a checkbox that determines whether or not to use pauses when reading Math ML elements.  It is recommended that this option be disabled when using free voices.