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Download ClickReader

NOTICE: Unfortunately due to changes in Firefox 15 and up, we are no longer able to update ClickReader. We are sorry to say that we no longer have the resources to update it. If anyone would like to do this, links to source code and documentation can be found on the left.

ClickReader will only work with the specific targeted version of Firefox.  If Firefox is changed to a different version, a different version of ClickReader will have to be installed.

Before installing a new version of ClickReader, please manually uninstall all old ClickReader components.  This can be done by going to Tools -> Add-Ons and then uninstalling CLC-4-TTS, CLC-Utilities and ClickReader.  Firefox will need to be restarted after ClickReader is uninstalled and after it is reinstalled.

ClickReader for Firefox 14

ClickReader for Firefox 13

ClickReader for Firefox 12

ClickReader for Firefox 11

ClickReader for Firefox 10