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Researcher helping participant

Research Recruitment

Active Research Projects

Participants Needed
Accessible Voting
Investigating the usability of the iPad as a future tool for electronic voting.
  • 21-65 years of age
  • Mild cognitive sensory, or physical impairment
Product Test Lab
We are currently recruiting participants interested in testing commercial products such as microwaves, fire extinguishers, tablet computers, etc... as well as a variety of assistive technology devices.
  • 21-65 years of age
  • Diagnosis of mild to moderate cognitive impairment
  • Minimal reading ability
Compares two prompting systems that help people with cognitive disabilities perform assembly-line jobs.   
  • Between 18 and 65 years old.
  • Have a cognitive disability
  • Interested in working in assembly-line jobs
  • Are fluent in English.
Social Robotics
We need children to test our Socially Assistive Robotic, which is the equivalent to a child playing with a toy robot made to resemble a stuffed animal.
  • Children 18 months and 5 years
  • Children that have significant motor and communication disabilities/delays.
Mobile Coach
Investigates the use of a prompting system for mobile workers. Can a computer prompting system help a grounds keeper, custodian, or other mobile worker remember how to perform their work tasks.
  • Between 18 and 65 years old
  • Have a cognitive disability
  • Interested in a job that moves around a building or campus.
  • Are fluent in English.