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Mobile Coach


There are many job opportunities for people with cognitive disabilities that require them to independently move to different locations around a building or campus. These jobs tasks include: mail service, grounds keeping, warehouse work, etc. These independent, mobile jobs may be difficult for a person with a cognitive disability to successfully complete because it is not easy to remember where to go or what to do next.

Computer prompting systems have been successfully used to help stationary workers. This research project will investigate the usefulness and efficacy of a mobile prompting system. We call this system the Mobile Coach. People who meet the eligibility requirements will be given a Mobile Coach computing device. The device will be configured to help the person perform certain pre-defined mobile jobs.

Additional details will be defined upon COMIRB approval .


The location for this research project will be updated upon COMIRB approval.


Will update upon COMIRB approval.

For more information contact Patricia Heyn at 303-315-1293 or email