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Accessible Voting


Assistive Technology Partners is engaged in a research study looking at the usability of the iPad as a tool for marking one’s election ballot. To participate in the study, we are looking for individuals currently living in group residence facilities, with a mild cognitive, sensory, or physical impairment.  This would reflect the type of user that has recently participated in single election trials of this technology for voting in a number of states across the country.  It is this population that often has difficulty getting to polling locations, and benefits from having the means to mark their ballots using technology that is brought to their residences.


Currently, we are scheduled to meet at several different nursing homes, assisted living centers, and independent living centers. We are actively searching for additional sites.

Additional facility sites can be arranged in and around the Denver Metro Area.


  • 21-65 years of age
  • Diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, sensory, or physical impairment
  • Eligible to vote and have voted at one time in the past
  • Current resident of a group residential facility

To schedule an appointment, please contact Julia Beems at 303-315-1284 or