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Research and Engineering

Assistive Technology Partners works to improve the integration of assistive technology devices into the lives of people with disabilities from a diverse set of perspectives:

  • Clinical studies research
  • Assistive technology​ product development and consultation
  • Industry standards development
  • Development of clinical assessment and outcomes management tools
  • Measuring the impact of systems change initiatives

Assistive Technology Partners faculty includes research and engineering team members with a long track record of implementing research projects. Team members include faculty specializing in assistive technology, computer architecture, digital media production, rehabilitation engineering, biostatistics, and software and hardware development. Faculty are often invited as guest lecturers both nationally and internationally.

Current Research

Current Development

  • Clinical Guide to Wheelchair Seating
  • Development of Uniform Standards for Cognitive Technologies
  • Interactive Animated Agents Platform Development for Cognitive Technologies at Home, School, Work and Community (IAAP)
  • Non-Linear Context-Aware Prompting System for Adults with Cognitive Disabilities in the Workplace
  • Mobile Coach for Vocational Application
  • The Socially Interactive Early Childhood Robotics Project
  • Inclusive Collaboration Technology for Employment and Participation