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Zach Lubine


Zach Lubine
 is an undergraduate student at the University of Colorado Denver. He is currently pursuing a major in Philosophy, while also preparing for medical school. He is part of the Bachelor of Arts/ Bachelor of Sciences - Medical Doctor Program (BA/BS-MD) and the University Honors and Leadership Program (UHL). Since before high school, Zach has pursued a career in medicine. He hopes to one day join an organization such as Doctors Without Borders in order to travel to another country and help those in grave need of medical attention. During college, Zach has taken part in the Student Govenment Association for the University of Colorado Denver, been elected to a position on the Students Advising Committee to the Auraria Board (SACAB), and maintained a high GPA in honors-level classes. He has volunteered with Bessie's Hope Elderly Care and for an environmental conservation effort to rehabilitate the Haymen Burn area. Zach looks forward to his participation in the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program, where he will be given the opportunity to work with medical professionals and fellow undergraduates considering medical professions. He hopes to gain a great deal personally and professionally from the experience. In his free time, Zach enjoys spending time with family and working out, camping, and dancing with friends.