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Megan Perez

Perez, Megan Ann 19.JPG

Megan Perez
 is an accomplished musician, outdoor aficionado, dog lover, a grant recipient from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, and ski instructor, Megan Perez is entering her second year at the University of Colorado at Denver as a member of the BA/BS-MD Program and is pursuing a degree in Biology. Megan grew up in a small town called Del Norte nestled at the base of the Rocky Mountains in southern Colorado. Her aspirations to become a physician are galvanized by her desire to one day return to her rural community to advocate for and serve the people who have limited access to health care services. Although she has not discovered what exact role she will choose as a physician, Megan aims to fuse her compassion, personal skills, and unique perspectives to be an outstanding healthcare provider. As a new addition to the Undergraduate Pre-Health Program, Megan hopes to gain long-lasting relationships in the health care field, a larger understanding of health care disparities and how they can be resolved, and methods for working with and relating to patients from all backgrounds. Megan currently has attachment issues to her mountain bike and other items that are used to facilitate good times in the mountains. She also plans to write several ballads to sing to her patients on the proper ways to take their medication and the reasons why you do not need to take antibiotics for a viral infection.