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Cara Campbell

Cara CampbellCara Campbell is a sophomore attending the University of Colorado Denver, where she is majoring in Biology. She is on a pre-med track as part of the BA/BS-MD program, and plans to attend medical school after her graduation from CU in 2015. While she knows that she wants to enter the medical field, Cara has yet to decide what her specialty will be. She knows that she wants to work with people, and is considering pediatrics. She is excited to be a part of UPP because she hopes that this great experience will help her to discover her path in life. In her spare time, Cara volunteers at Maxfund Animal Shelter, where she walks dogs that need homes. She enjoys sports of any kind, especially basketball, volleyball, soccer, and snowboarding. Cara also loves to play the piano and write, and has always had the dream of someday publishing a book.