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Sarel Van VuurenSarel Van Vuuren, PhD, is an applied researcher. His work focuses on personalized evidence-based learning solutions to assess, assist and treat specific educational and clinical needs in speech, language, and literacy. He is a Fellow in the Institute of Cognitive Science where he is an investigator and co-investigator on grants funded by NIH, IES, NIDDR, NSF and the University of Colorado. He collaborates with colleagues Wise and Snyder on the ICARE and Early ICARE projects funded by IES to adaptively assess children's reading and comprehension, and with colleagues Wise, Olson and Byrne on a project funded by NIH to study Response to Intervention. This latter project uses a comprehensive computer-assisted program called CARLA to improve foundational reading and comprehension abilities. Other current projects include an animated agent with accurate visual speech to guide learning; technologies to deliver highly interactive learning programs seamlessly on the Internet; educational research and programs to assess and remediate reading difficulties using computers; computational linguistic approaches for such reading and assessment programs; clinical solutions for cognitive training across the lifespan; vocational training; medical and document literacy; and spoken dialog interaction for science tutoring. Sarel's work has led to more than 30 peer-reviewed publications, participation in national competitions, outreach activities and entrepreneurial activities. He is a cofounder of Mentor Interactive, an interactive education company (no relationship with projects mentioned above). Sarel holds a PhD from Oregon Graduate Institute/OHSU and is a past Fulbright Scholar.

Contact Dr. Sarel Van Vuuren:


Cognitive Science Institute
University of Colorado at Boulder
594 UCB
Boulder, CO 80309