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Michael MelonisMichael Melonis, B.S., Electrical Engineering, is currently the coordinator of the engineering department for Assistive Technology Partners, a program of the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Colorado Denver. Mr. Melonis has particular expertise and research experience in the architecture and development of complex software and hardware system.  He is currently developing a task management and sensor management framework that can be used in numerous environments that require context sensitive prompts that supplement human activity.  The framework is being leveraged on three different projects.  The first project assists a person with a learning disability to perform assembly line tasks.  Another specialization of the framework assists a person with a cognitive disability to perform work related tasks in a warehouse inventory management environment.  This same technology is also helping young children meet early developmental milestones by encouraging play with a socially interactive robot.  Mr. Melonis has developed an Electronic Medical Record System for ATP that correlates clinical data with industry standard research metrics.  As a software engineer and architect, Mr. Melonis regularly provides technical assistance to agencies and organizations across the nation regarding tools and techniques to improve the inventory management of clinical intake, client charts and medical records applications. As a computer developer, he possesses expertise in numerous computer languages including C/C++, Java, C#, XML, UNIX, .NET and CORBA. Trained as an electrical engineer and software developer, Mr. Melonis has worked closely with researchers, clinical faculty and family members. He has extensive experience developing software solutions for the telecommunication industry emphasizing end-to-end service fulfillment and management for broadband, wireless and intelligent services. He spearheaded the industries capability to transfer phone numbers from service providers (also known as local number portability). He possesses two system patents which are still the de facto standards in the telecom industry and is the author of numerous white papers.

What I love about my job...

“I love witnessing the improvement in people’s daily lives when technology is correctly applied. We have an annual event, AbleGames, where kids with pretty significant disabilities have an opportunity to play adapted games.  This past year, one boy’s parents said, ‘He only gets to watch his brothers/friends play’.  Later that day, I saw him playing Wii with a smile from ear to ear.”


Contact Michael Melonis:


Assistive Technology Partners
Attn: Michael Melonis
601 E 18th Ave Suite 130
Denver, CO 80203