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Strategic Plan-2 year SIRC Objectives


A. Build Scientific Communication, Capacity and Establish Structure

  • Establish a communication structure (Administrative Core, Website, Mail group)
  • Develop a seminar series with outside speakers (Cutting edge science in Vascular Biology; Leaders of National Vascular Biology Centers; Local leaders from our scientific community)
  • Identify and address crosscutting questions (Develop Research clusters/Scientific Threads; Establish collaborations; Initiate Seed grants/collaborative pilot projects)


B. Create a physical home for Vascular Biology research

  • Reconfigure basic laboratory locations to create a physical Vascular Biology Research Center
  • Development of a “virtual” translational Vascular Biology Resource outlining the resources available and the expertise in the techniques.


C. Establish a Vascular Biology faculty to mentor students and attract new students         

  • Targeted student stipends; student centered research in progress and committees; translational research retreat
  • Recruit and retain post-doctoral fellows interested in vascular biology research


D. Development

  • Work with CU Foundation to establish funding for targeted programs
  • Collaborate with the Center for Women’s Health Research on Pilot Grant resource development
  • Work towards an endowed chair for the Center Director