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Frequently Asked Questions

From Nursing Home Residents and Families

  1. What kind of research do you do? Our researchers study a wide range of areas that people may encounter as they age. Some of our research is qualitative in nature, meaning our researchers simply want to talk learn more about your experiences through interviews, medical record review or group discussions. Some research is quantitative, meaning studies are designed to gather data from many participants to look at how an intervention, such as how often a heart failure patient is weighed, impacts outcomes. Some research may be part of a clinical trial, such as testing a medication versus a placebo or the impact of a new monitoring device. Learn more about our studies.  
  2. Why do people participate in research? People who participate in research hope to make things better for nursing home residents—now and in the future.
  3. What can I expect if I sign up to participate? There's a misconception that people participating in research are "guinea pigs." This is simply not true. Our researchers conduct research with the highest ethical standard. The aim of their research is consistently how to improve care for older adults. All of our studies are overseen by institutional review boards,” committees that exist solely to protect you. You’ll be in good hands with CU researchers. And remember, any research you participate in is always voluntary.
  4. Will this change my care? Research participation is voluntary. Most studies, such as surveys or focus group participation, will not affect your care. If the study you volunteer for may impact your care, we will work with you and your care providers closely before and during the study.
  5. What happens to my personal information? Some research may require the collection of your personal information, such as contact information or health status. Researchers are responsible for the protection and privacy of your information. And the same review boards that were described above oversee how your information is protected as well.
​You can submit your own questions by emailing us at