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To improve nursing home care, we need to work together.

That's why we’ve formed the Program of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care. You can join our group of nursing home residents, caregivers, family members, academic and community-based physicians and researchers, facility administrators and other stakeholders. 

Medical research sets the standard for how we care for people. Yet most medical research is performed on people who have only one health condition. Very little research has been done with medically-complex older people who have multiple health conditions. 
Better research means better care—now and in the future. 


Participate in our research!

If you or a loved one is currently living in a nursing facility—short or long-term—you may have the opportunity to participate in a variety of projects. 
Nursing Home Consortium

Are you interested in improving outcomes in ways that make sense? 

We want to work with facilities as research partners, incorporating your insight and expertise.
Stakeholder Advisory Board

We’re bringing together diverse perspectives to learn what works.

Our group shares a common goal of improving how we care for people as they age. To accomplish this, we vet and review potential research projects.