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Kathryn Holmes, Professor

Ph.D. (1968), Rockefeller University




Contact Info:

Molecular Biology
University of Colorado

Kathryn Holmes, Ph.D.  Research One North
(RC1-North), Room 9117 Phone: 303-724-4231

Enveloped viruses infect cells that express specific virus receptors by fusion of the viral envelope with host cell membranes. Membrane fusion is mediated by spike glycoproteins on the viral envelope. Coronavirus entry is mediated by a single large spike glycoprotein, S, that undergoes conformational changes when bound to its specific cellular receptor at 37°C. Our lab has characterized the spike glycoproteins of murine coronavirus MHV and human coronavirus HCoV-229E. We have identified receptors for MHV (murine CEACAM1a), HCoV-229E (human aminopeptidase N), and feline coronaviruses (feline aminopeptidase N). We are exploring the structure and functions of the S glycoproteins and their interactions with their receptors to elucidate the molecular mechanisms of coronavirus entry.

We are studying animal models that have genetically manipulated coronavirus receptors to examine the role of virus receptors in viral pathogenesis.

We are studying the structure and functions S protein of the SARS-coronavirus (SARS-CoV). In particular we are interested in identifying the receptor for the SARS-CoV and identifying conformational changes associated with virus infection. These studies will reveal new targets for anti-viral drugs and may show how the SARS-CoV entered the human population from an animal reservoir.​​​​​​​


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