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Colorado Vaccine Summit

2012 Conference - Longmont, CO

Colorado Mountain Columbine

Please join us for the 3rd Annual Colorado Vaccine Summit

Date:  November 2012 -- Details coming soon

Location:  Plaza Hotel and Conference Center

1900 Ken Pratt Boulevard, Longmont, CO  80501

Phone: 800-843-8240    Mapquest Directions:

Details of the past 2011 conference: 

  • Basic Science Drives Vaccine Development
  • International Vaccine Research and Delivery
                         COVax Agenda - Draft 111011.pdfCOVax Agenda - Draft 111011.pdf 

Keynote Speaker:     Harry B. Greenberg, M.D.  BIO Harry Greenberg MD.pdfBIO Harry Greenberg MD.pdf

"Rotavirus and Vaccine:  Host range restriction, innate and acquired immunity - a Menage á Trois"

Stanford University School of Medicine

                                  Senior Associate Dean for Research

                                  Joseph D. Grant Professor of Medicine and Microbiology and Immunology

Featured Speakers and Conference Topics:

  • "Templated Conformation-constrained alpha Helical Peptides as Virus Vaccines" 

    Kathryn V. Holmes, PhD (University of Colorado School of Medicine)  and Robert Hodges, PhD (University of Colorado School of Medicine)

  • "Animal Models Inform Vaccine Development:  The case of TB and Acinetobacter" 

    Angelo Izzo, PhD (Colorado State University)

  • "Optimization of West Nile Virus Vaccine by Codon Deoptimization" 

    Aaron Brault, PhD (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

  • "Developing a Multivalent Subunit Vaccine to Prevent Travelers' Diarrhea Caused by Ecterotoxigenic E. coli"  Randall Holmes, M.D. Ph.D. (University of Colorado School of Medicine)
  • "Geography and Malnutrition Impact Vaccine Effiacacy"

   Edwin J. Asturias, MD (Center for Global Health)

  • "Innovative Mechanisms of Inhaled Measles Vaccine Delivery"

   Steve P. Cape (CIRES - Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences)


The Sponsors of the 2nd Annual Colorado Vaccine Summit:

  • University of Colorado, School of Medicine - Department of Medicine
  • Colorado State University
  • The Children's Colorado Hospital
  • National Jewish Health
  • Centers for Disease Congtrol and Provention
  • MAVRC (Mucosal and Vaccine Research Colorado) Program