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MAVRC Flow Cytometry Core Facility

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Flow CytometerThe MAVRC/Denver VA Flow Cytometry Core is a user-supported facility purchased by the VA (VA Eastern Colorado Health Care System) in January 2009. Located in Building 23 at the Denver Veteran's Administration, 1055 Clermont Street, the 3-laser instrument evaluates from 1-14 colors, size and granularity of cells.

After initial training, the instrument can be operated successfully by laboratory personnel without a core operator, although assistance is available from the Core Supervisor.

LSR II Flow Cytometer 3-Laser Configuration:

Flow Cytometer Configuration

Each lettered circle represents a photomultiplier tube (PMT). The rectangle closest to the PMT is the "high pass" filter that shows the range of wavelengths passing through the filter (e.g., 780/60 = 750-810l). The lower rectangle is the "long pass" filter that shows the highest wavelength emitted to the next alphabetical PMT (e.g, 755 LP). Additional filters: 635 LP; 600LP; 670/14; 610/20; and 585/42.

Contact: Harsh Pratap
303-399-8020 x3557