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​The following is a list of our MAVRC Investigators alphabetized by last name.

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Research Summary
Abzug, Mark
Immunization of HIV-infected children as a marker of immune reconstitution Antiviral therapy in infants and children
Anderson, Marsha
Kawasaki's Disease, Bioterrorism, Antibiotics, Toxin-Mediated Disease and Vaccines
Anderson, Peter
Clinical pharmacology, Antiviral medications, HIV, Intracellular pharmacology of nucleoside analogs for HIV and pharmacogenetics of antiretroviral agents.
Barton, David
Positive-strand RNA virus replication and dsRNA-activated innate immune reponses; Poliovirus, Hepatitis C virus
Beckham, David
CNS Infections, West Nile Virus, Encephalitis
Belisle, John
Bacterial Genetics and Physiology, Tuberculosis (TB)
Bellgrau, Donald
Immunotherapy and Th17, Vaccines
Boackle, Susan
Pathogenesis of autoimmune disease, Genes that may be involved in the development of systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE), B cells, Complement receptor 2 (CR2; CD21)
Borges, Virginia
Young women's breast cancer and immunology/immunotherapy
Bouchard, Ron
Microscopy, imaging
Bowen, Richard
ABSL-3 facilities. Expertise for animal testing of vaccines against diverse pathogens, most of which are Select Agents; Influenza; Animal models
Brayden, Robert
Biology, Microbiology Medicine, Pediatrics, Vaccines
Burman, William
Design and implementation of randomized clinical trials to improve the treatment of tuberculosis and HIV infection; International Health
Cambier, John
HIV gp120 inactivation of T cells, Molecular basis of anergy, a particular type of immunologic tolerance, molecular basis of integration of signals transduced concurrently by B cell antigen receptors (BCR), the type 2 complement receptors (CR2) and receptors for immunoglobulin G constant regions (Fc?RIIB 1), signal transduction that occurs in B cells during cognate interactions with helper T cells, the decline in B cell function seen during aging.
Campbell, Thomas
HIV treatment HHV-8; International Health; Africa
Carpenter, Todd
Biological Sciences, Medicine
Christians, Uwe
Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Cadriothoracic, Transplant Immunology, Pharmacology, Toxicology
Chu, Hon Wei
Bacterial infection in airway mucosa of COPD and asthma patients
Clambey, Eric
Immunology, Infectious Disease (Virology), Inflammation
Colgan, Sean
Hypoxia; Transcriptional signaling by the hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs); Musosal Inflammation; Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Connick, Elizabeth
Immunopathogenesis of HIV infection; Sex-based differences in HIV, infection; Women's health
Cordery-Cotter, Rob
Virology, emerging diseases and zoonoses
Czaja, Christopher
Respiratory Infectious Diseases, Bronchiectasis, Mycobacterial Infections
Daley, Charles
Clinical and epidemiological studies of tuberculosis (TB) and nontuberculous mycobacterial (NTM) infections; International health
Davies, Jill
De Groote, Mary Ann
Tuberculosis (TB); non-tuberculosis mycobacteria (NTM)
Deane, Kevin
Pre-clinical identification of autoimmune disease. Multi-centered trials; Relationship between genetics, environmental exposures, and the development of rheumatoid arthritis-related autoimmune disease. Building models for the prediction of future development of autoimmune disease.
Decker, Kimberly
Structural biology, immunology, developmental biology
Detweiler, Corrella
How pathogenic bacteria evade and manipulate mammalian immune systems. Molecular mechanisms of Typhoid fever; Immunology; Microbiology.
Dillon, Steph
Immunology, dendritic cells, HIV
Dinarello, Charles
Cytokines; Immunology; Autoimmune disease
Dobos, Karen
Mycobacterium spp. (TB, NTM); Proteomics; Vaccines; Diagnostics; Respiratory
Dow, Steven
Vaccine adjuvants; pulmonary immunity; enteric immunity; bacterial pathogens (Burkholderia, Francisella, Yersinia); Respiratory Immunology
Fontenot, Andrew
T cells in the development of lung disease. Determining the mechanism by which CD4+ T cells recognize the beryllium antigen in the context of HLA-DP2. We have recently determined the structure of HLA-DP2 and this structure defines a potential beryllium binding site. The immunologic mechanisms involved in the progression from beryllium sensitization and disease as well as the development of biomarkers that could potentially detect this progression in the absence of invasive procedures is also a major interest. Lung microbiome that characterize the lung in different stages of HIV disease and whether a broadened microbiome could contribute to the early onset of lung disease in HIV-infected patients. Respiratory immunology.
Frank, Daniel
Interactions between commensal microorganisms, pathogens, and the mucosal immune system in human health and disease; Microbiome; Enteric disease; Inflammatory bowel disease; HIV.
Freed, Brian
Effects of smoking on pulmonary immune responses; HLA epitopes and immune medicated diseases; Respiratory immunology
Gally, Fabienne
Lung Mucosal Immunity; Asthma COOPD; Respiratory Immunology
Gao, Bifeng
Microarray Core Cancer Research; Molecular biology
Garcea, Robert
Structure and assembly of small DNA viruses, New human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccines
Geraci, Mark
The Role of Eicosanoids in Pulmonary Hypertension and Lung Cancer; Respiratory Immunology; molecular biology
Gill, Ronald
Regulation of bacterial gene expression. Molecular biology of host-bacterial pathogen interactions; Streptococcus pneumoniae-pathogenic mechanisms and new approaches to vaccine development. Respiratory Immunology and Microbiology; Vaccines.
Ginde, Adit
Vitamin D deficiency and immune response to vaccines; Immunosenescence and vaccination in older adults
Glode, Mary
Pediatric infectious disease; vaccines; Kawasaki's disease
Glover, Louis
Hypoxia; Transcriptional signaling by the hypoxia-inducible factors (HIFs); Mucosal Inflammation; Inflammatory Bowel Diseases
Graner, Michael
Cancer vaccines; immune suppression; cell stress; bexosome biology; Cancer vaccines
Gunville, Cameron
Pediatric; Critical Care
Guth, Amanda
Immunology; Cancer; Tumor biology, Autoimmunity, Flow cytometry
Hageman, James

Basic Immunology, Cancer, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Molecular Genetics, Molecular Immunology, Stem Cells

Henson, Peter
Cell Biology of Inflammation, Recognition and removal of apoptotic cells, Innate Immunity; Respiratory Immunology
Hesselberth, Jay
Functional genomics high-throughput sequencing; computational biology; RNA
Holers, Michael
The roles of complement receptors and membrane regulatory proteins in the immune response with a special emphasis on B cells and autoimmunity. The role of autoantibodies and the evolution of autoimmunity in rheumatoid arthritis (RA) from the pre-symptomatic autoantibody-positive period through the onset of clinically active disease.
Holmes, Kathryn
Characterization of coronavirus receptors and analysis of the role of receptor specificity in coronavirus pathogenesis and evolution. We are interested in molecular mechanisms that determine how coronaviruses jump from one host to another to cause emerging diseases of humans and animals; Influenza; Vaccines.
Holmes, Randall
Molecular methods to study the genetics and regulation of bacterial protein toxins, their roles in pathogenesis of infectious diseases, and their uses for vaccine development.
Honda, Jennifer
HIV, Innate Immunity, Vitamin D, Bacterial Co-Infection
Izzo, Angelo
Immunology, Mycobacteria Microbiology, including Tuberculosis (TB)
Jakubzick, Claudia
Pulmonary Dendritic Cells; Respiratory Immunology
Janoff, Edward
Vaccine - preventable disease; HIV; Streptococcus pneumoniae; Influenza; Mucosal Immunology; Respiratory Immunology.
Jonscher, Karen
Biological mass spectrometry, instrument development, method design and data interpretation and validation; Pretomic.
Kabos, Peter
Breast cancer, Cancer stem cells
Kedl, Ross
Chronic infectious diseases and cancer, Adjuvant development for vaccines that induce cellular immunity; Immunology.
Kirk, Jonathan
Kirkpatrick, Charles
Immunodeficiency diseases, Reconstitution F Immune responses; Immunology.
Kittleson, John
Design of clinical trials, Survival analysis, Longitudinal data, Bayesian methods in clinical trials, Group sequential trial design, Methods for monitoring clinical trials; Biostatistics.
Knight, Rob
Genomics, molecular evolution and the microbiome
Kulesza, Caroline
Cytomegalovirus molecular biology and pathogenesis; Herpesvirus transmission and immunity; non-coding RNA's; chromatin
Lenz, Laurel
Invasive mucosal bacterial pathogens. Innate Immunity. Cytokine signaling. Natural Killer Cells; Respiratory Immunology.
Levin, Myron
Vaccinology, Herpesvirus latency, Immune response to herpesvirus; Immunosenescence.
Lillehei, Kevin
Brain, nervous, and spinal tumors; pituitary tumors; cancer immunotherapy and vaccines
Liu, Edwin
Expertise in celiac disease autoimmunity, Inflammatory bowel disease
Marrack, Philippa
Basic Immunology; T cells; Vaccine adjuvants
Mason, Robert
Pulmonary Disease Research. Biology of alveolar type II epithelial cells. Lipogenesis in alveolar type II cells. Role of alveolar epithelium in environmental lung disease. Role of alveolar epithelium in pulmonary fibrosis. Response of alveolar epithelial cells to viral infections.
MaWhinney, Sam
Biostatistics, Infectious Diseases; HIV
McCarter, Martin
Melanoma-induced immunosuppression; Cancer; Immunology
McCollister, Bruce
Microbiology antibiotic resistance; Innate host defense; Salmonella; Staphylococcus aureus
McManaman, James
Mechanisms of lipid droplet synthesis Lipid droplets (LDs); Reproductive and Women's health
Meditz, Amie
HIV; Women's Health; Aging
Mengshol, Andy
Interation of Hepatitis C (HCV) with adaptive immune cells and antigen-presenting cells from the liver including Kupffer cells (liver macrophages), T cells and dendritic cells. I collaborate with Drs Rosen, and Colgan within the department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology.
Mitchell, Leah
Cancer vaccines, tumor immunology, immunotoxicology
Monks, Jenifer
Mammary gland biology, lactation, mouse models of mammary cancer
Morrison, Thomas "Tem"
Arboviruses, Virus interactions with host inflammatory response; Arthritis
Mourani, Peter
Pediatric Critical Care Medicine (PICU)
Nakayama, Maki
Type 1 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, retroviral expression system, high-throughput sequencing
Neville, Margaret
The regulation of the development of the normal mammary gland.
Numata-Nakamura, Mari
Pulmonary surfactant lipids and anti-viral effects in the innate immunity of the lung; Respiratory Immunology
Pace, Norman
Ribozyme biochemistry; molecular ecology of extreme ecosystems; Microbiome
Palmer, Brent
Mechanisms of HIV-associated CD4+ T cell dysfunction; Flow cytometry
Parker, Sarah
tuberculosis (TB), mycobacteria, polyketide synthases, cutinases
Perraud, Anne-Laure
Molecular immunology, ion homeostasis regulation and signaling in immune cells
Petersen, Lyle
Arboviral diasease; West Nile Virus; Dengue; Yellow Fever; Vaccine development; International Health
Pollock, David
Pure theoretical (mathematical or computational) biology to purely empirical research (PCR and sequencing to obtain critical sequence biodiversity information, or site-directed mutagenesis, gene synthesis and directed evolution to test computationally-derived theories of protein sequence and structure/function relationships); Evolutionary biology.
Price, Connie
Hospital epidemiology antibiotic resistance; Infectious disease
Pyeon, Dohun
Virus-host interactions in human papillomavirus (HPV) infection and oncogenesis
Ramakrishnan, Vijay
Sinus and Skull Base Diseases; Sinusitis; Microbiome
Regan, Elizabeth
Cartilage biology, osteoarthritis, musculoskeletal epidemiology
Rengasamy, Asokan
Protein Biochemistry
Reves, Randall
Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (TB)
Rosen, Hugo
Hepatology; Hepatitus C (HCV), HIV; Immunology
Saavedra, Milene
Cystic fibrosis, adaptive immunity in cystic fibrosis, biomarkers of lung inflammation; Respiratory immunity
Santiago, Mario
Virology; Immunology; HIV; animal models
Schaack, Jerome
Adenovirus vectors, Retrovirus vectors; Virology
Schountz, Tony
Hantaviruses, arenaviruses, T cell immunology
Schwartz, Robert
Aging, immune function, exercise, hormone supplmentation; Immunosenescence
Shapiro, Leland
Alpha-1-antitrypsin biology; Molecular mechanisms Cytokines; Signal transduction; Bacterial pathogenesis
Shurr, Michael
Genetics and biochemistry of Pseudomonas aeruginosa pathogenesis. Vaccine development for P. aeruginosa.
Simoes, Eric
Respiratory tract infections; International Health
Sontag, Marci
Strong, Michael
Genomics, Structural Biology, Computational Biology, Respiratory Disease, including tuberculosis (TB)
Sutherland, Rand
Asthma, lower airway microbiome
Tan, Aik Choon
Thaikoottathil, Jyoti
Airway epithelial biology, environmental toxicants and asthma, innate/mucosal immunity; Respiratory Immunology
Thorburn, Andrew
Cell Death Cancer Therapy
Torres, Raul
B Cell ; Antibody response; Immunology
Tyler, Kenneth
Central Nervous System (CNS) Infections; Virology
Van Dyk, Linda
Immunology, Virology, Virus-associated tumors
Vasquez-Torres, Andres
Cellular, molecular and biochemical approaches to understand the role that mononuclear phagocytes play in the host response to intracellular pathogenic microorganisms. We are currently studying two aspects of the innate immune responses of mononuclear phagocytes to the intracellular enteric bacteria Salmonella typhimurium. I plan to extend our expertise in macrophage biology to study the pathogenesis of the biowarfare intracellular pathogen Burkholderia; Mucosal Immunology.
Voelker, Dennis
Membrane biogenesis, lipid metabolism and biochemistry, pulmonary surfactant proteins and lipids, innate immunity, yeast genetics; Respiratory disease
Voskuil, Martin
Mycobacterium tuberculosis (TB) bacteriology, Latency, drug tolerance and pathogenesis Burkholderia bacteriology, Respiratory disease
Walter, Nicholas
Expression Profiling, Tuberculosis (TB); Respiratory immunology; International Health
Wang, Jieru
Influenza virus-induced innate immunity and lung; Respiratory immunology
Waziri, Allen
Brain Tumor immunology, Brain tumor stems cells, Invasive neurophysiological monitoring; Vaccines
Weinberg, Adriana
Immune restoration in HIV-infected patients. I established virologic correlates of immune reconstitution in children and adults, and identified immune correlates of protection against CMV infection in HIV-infected patients on HAART. I recently described an inhibitory mechanism of cellular immunity operative in HIV-infected patients, but not in healthy individuals. This is the current object of more in-depth studies at sub-cellular level. I developed several lines of investigation of CMV-specific immunity in transplant patients, including the following: impact of CMV infection on graft rejection;immune restoration in bone marrow transplant recipients and immune correlates of protection against CMV infections; use of dendritic cells for establishment of CMV-specific immunity in stem cell and cord blood transplant recipients. Immunodeficiency; Immunology
Westfall, Jack
Rural Health; Vaccines
Wilson, Cara
Human tissue culture - esp. culture of human blood and intestinal tissue, and immune function assays. Dendritic cell and T cell function, flow cytometry, CFSE proliferation, ELISA. Isolation of multiple cell types. Mucosal Immunology; Vaccines.
Winn, Robert
Epithelial lung research, lung cancer, signaling transduction; Respiratory disease
Wu, Qun
Chronic lung diseases (e.g., asthma and COPD) and bacterial infections; Immunology (e.g., mucosal immunology and cellular immunology); Respiratory immunology.
Yu, Xiaoli
Neuroimmunology, epitopes and biomarkers
Zhang, Weiming
Biostatastics (data analysis, study design, consulting), genetic association study