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Faculty in the Human Medical Genetics And Genomics Program at UCD

Training Faculty

Richard Spritz, M.D. SOM Program DirectorMapping, discovery, and function of disease genes affecting skin, autoimmunity, and craniofacial development
Tamim Shaikh, Ph.D. Graduate Program DirectorCopy number variation in developmental delay, intellectual disabilities and related conditions. Genome structure, rearrangements and
Bruce Appel, Ph.D.Genetic analysis of neural
Kristin Artinger, Ph.D.Developmental genetics of the neural
Kathleen Barnes, Ph.D.Personalized medicine, evolutionary genetics of human populations, and the genetics of
Emily Bates, Ph.D.Molecular mechanisms of pediatric
Neil Box, Ph.D.Genetics of pigmentation and melanoma
David Clouthier, Ph.D.Genetics of craniofacial and cardiovascular
Jorge DiPaola, M.D.Genetic analysis of hematological development and blood
Joaquin Espinosa, Ph.D.Genomics and tumor suppressor and oncogenes in cancer biology, trisomy 21 and Down
Tasha E. Fingerlin, Ph.D.Association studies of complex disorders; type 2 diabetes
Curt R. Freed, M.D.Genetic causes of Parkinson's disease. Modeling human genetic diseases with patient-derived induced pluripotent stem
Katheleen Gardiner, Ph.D.Molecular Genetics of Down
Christopher Gignoux, Ph.D.Interests in applications of population genetic theory, statistical modeling, and algorithmic development to improve large-scale, trans-ethnic, and biobank
Stephen Goodman, M.D.Genetics of glutaric acidemias; characterization of defects in glutaryl-CoA
Audrey Hendricks, Ph.D.Statistical method development and application, disease and trait subtypes, and use of large scale public data.
Larry Hunter, Ph.D.Bioinformatics and computational
Katerina Kechris, Ph.D.Statistical
Jan Kraus, Ph.D.Molecular genetics of cystathionine ß-synthase and propionyl CoA carboxylase
Leslie Lange, Ph.D.Research focuses on the genetic epidemiology of complex traits, primarily regarding cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes and pulmonary related
Amanda Law, Ph.D.Genetics of psychiatric, neurodevelopmental, and behavioral
James T. Nichols, Ph.D.Craniofacial developmental genetics and genetic
Paul J. Norman, Ph.D.Immunogenetics; genetic variation that underpins our differential responses to
Jill Norris, Ph.D.Genetic epidemiology of type 2 diabetes and autoimmune
David Pollock, Ph.D.Evolutionary
Huntington Potter, Ph.D.Neurodegenerative diseases, particularly Alzheimer's Disease, and trisomy 21/Down
Richard Radcliffe, Ph.D.CNS gene expression in genetic differences in acute alcohol sensitivity and
Yosef Refaeli, Ph.D.Functions of proto-oncogenes in health and diseases of hematopoietic
Marian Rewers, M.D., Ph.DEtiology, epidemiology and clilincal outcomes of type 1 diabetes & cardiovascular complications of both type 1 and type 2
Dennis Roop, Ph.D.Genetics of skin disease and skin development: stem cell
Stephanie Santorico, Ph.D.Statistical
Regie Santos-Cortez M.D., Ph.D.Otolaryngology, Identify novel genes for otitis media susceptibility.
David Schwartz, M.D., Ph.D.Genetics and epigenetics of environmental lung
Max Seibold, Ph.D.Genetics/Genomic Analysis of the Airway Epithelium in
James Sikela, Ph.D.Genome variation in human evolution and
Matthew Taylor, M.D., Ph.D.Genetics studies of inherited cardiomyopathies, polycystic kidney disease, intellectual disabilities, hereditary vascular diseases, Barth syndrome, Danon disease, and lysosmal storage
Johan Van Hove, M.D., Ph.D.Biochemical genetics, mitochondrial diseases, and
Jing Wang, Ph.D.Genomic instability and cancer
Trevor Williams, Ph.D.Transcriptional control of development and
Ivana Yang, Ph.D.Genetic and biological determinants of environmental and occupational lung

Non-Training Faculty

Erin E. Austin, Ph.D.Building statistical tools to analyze associations between genetic data and phenotypic data. Discover/cultivate interests in electronic health record data, network analysis in the PheWAS setting, gene- variant-level testing of single or muiltiple traitsErin.E.Austin@UCDENVER.EDU
Peter Baker II, M.D.Clinical Genetics and Metabolism, Maternal obesity effects offspring energy sensing and
Judith Gault, Ph.D.Genetics of cerebral vascular
Nancy Hadley-Miller, Ph.D.Genetics idiopathic scoliosis complex orthopedic
Greggory LaBerge, Ph.D.Forensic
Sandra Martin, Ph.D.Molecular evolutionary genetics
Shawn E. McCandless, M.D.Pathophysiology and Treatment of Medium-Chain Acyl-CoA Dehydrogenase
Luisa Mestroni, M.D.Genetics of adult heart disease;
York E. Miller, M.D.Mouse models of lung cancer risk; Use of genetically modified mice to asses potential lung cancer chemoprevention
Elaine Spector, Ph.DClinical molecular genetics, transition of research findings to clinical
Janet Thomas, M.D.Clinical genetics, biochemical genetics, and genetic