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Marileila Garcia, Ph.D.

Cancer cytogenetics



My research interests have been primarily directed at the development of molecular markers for early detection or monitoring recurrence in human neoplasias. Examples of scientific accomplishments are the development of effective fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH)–based assays for detection of chromosomal imbalance in interphase cells. In aerodigestive cancers, for instance, FISH using dual-target DNA probes labeled in distinct colors were demonstrated as useful tools to detect sub-clinical tumorigenesis. The dual-target FISH assay was proposed as an important test for non-invasive screening of individuals at risk for these tumors and molecular investigation of the tumor margins. More recently, we have validated FISH probes for simultaneous detection of four DNA targets in multicolor FISH assay as a tool for detection of abnormal cells in bronchial epithelium of patients with or at risk for lung cancer. We optimized methodological conditions for successful detection of aneusomic cells in sputum and developed a test that could identify abnormal cells in heavy smoker individuals one year prior to the clinical diagnosis of lung cancer.

Our translational focus was also applied to detection of leukemia cells. One example is the D-FISH assay (double fusion signal) for monitoring residual AML FAB M2 associated with the t(8;21)(q22;q22), developed in collaboration with Dr. Harry Drabkin. This probe design allows the identification of both chimeric products of the chromosome translocation in interphase cells, therefore significantly increasing the specificity of the FISH assay. Another approach, the break-apart FISH assay, was developed for laboratorial diagnosis of ALL with rearrangements involving the E2A gene in 19p13, in collaboration with Dr.Stephen Hunger. The break-apart FISH design accesses chimeric fusions of a given gene, E2A in the case, with multiple partner genes, which allows the diagnostic of distinct translocations. Both D-FISH and break-apart FISH assays have been easy incorporated into clinical laboratory settings.

Moreover, we actively interact with researchers in multiple fields of cancer genetics. Aiming to better support the molecular targeted therapy approach and to efficiently identify patients who can profit from these special forms of treatment, we are investigating gene amplifications and protein overexpression in multiple metabolic pathways important in oncogenesis. Examples of molecules already addressed are the growth factor receptors HER-2/neu and epidermal growth factor receptor (EGFR) and cyclin D1 (CCND1). The gene status and mechanisms controlling expression of these molecules have been investigated in prostate and ovarian adenocarcinomas, glioblastomas, squamous cell esophageal carcinomas, and non-small cell lung carcinomas, in collaboration with numerous UCD investigators.


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