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What We Do

Current Activities and New Directions for the ACCORDS Dissemination & Implementation (D&I) Program

Members and Roles (see who we are)

The D&I Program has had several role changes and additions to our team. These additions and role definitions will help us achieve our goals and should also clarify for ACCORDS and other colleagues our major areas of expertise and key responsibilities for each of us. Click on the below to view a list of team members and a sentence on key roles/responsibilities for each. New members are indicated with *

 More on Members and Roles

Russ Glasgow, Program Lead - implementation research; use of D&I models for planning, adaptation, evaluation and sustainability; interface with VA programs (now working primarily from home office in Oregon but still as involved in ACCORDS and the D&I program as before)

Jodi Holtrop, Senior Implementation Scientist general consultation​ coordinator; primary liaison to Center on Aging; implementation research; leadership issues in D&I programs; mixed methods as applicable to D&I

Dan Matlock, -shared decision-making; complex, multilevel medical system interventions; primary liaison to VA geriatric program

Elaine Morrato, Senior Implementation Scientist - diffusion and dissemination research; interface with CCTSI translation; education including novel formats; public-private and industry partnerships; primary liaison to public health programs ​

Borsika Rabin, and models in D&I; systematic reviews; patient centered research; D&I issues in cancer; interactive technologies; link to VA QUERI programs (works from home office in San Diego)

Demetria  McNeal, -postdoc fellow in health dissemination and  communication; marketing issues in D&I; public health and disparities research

Bryan Ford, interactive technology applications; local D&I resources and website manager; administrative issues and scheduling​



How to Request Consults and Collaboration with D&I Program; and What to Expect

(See Consultations)

If you know the content area, D&I issue or questions and expertise of one of the above is the clearly best fit, directly contact that D&I member. If you are unclear or your request cuts across multiple areas, contact Jodi Holtrop, who will be primary consultation contact and will triage requests.


 More on Consultations and What to Expect

Your consultation experience will be more efficient and productive if you think about and come prepared to share the following with the D&I team member:

·         your specific question(s) and request;

·         how this D&I issue fits into your overall research proposal or work,

·         extent to which your program or question is ‘ready for dissemination’; and

·         how you anticipate evaluating D&I issues.

To aid in this process, we we ask that you please complete this Consultation Request Form. This form takes less than 5 minutes to complete and is confidential. Your completed form will go to Jodi Holtrop, who will contact you within 1 week of submission to coordinate a consultation meeting.


What to expect:

Consultations​ are one to two meetings with a D&I team member to receive advice, feedback, and provision of and connection with D&I resources and references, linkage to other SOM or content expertise if relevant. Collaboration on grant proposals as a co-investigator may result from a small number of selected projects, based on the time, content area and resources of the D & I team member​. We do not have the time, resources or staff to be a key part of many proposals or projects requiring ongoing substantial involvement. Some K awards mentorship may be possible.


We are also experimenting with a group consultation format once a month to provide feedback from our entire D&I team and selected others. This will involve a presentation to the D&I group – currently at 2:00 pm on the second Tuesday of each month. This group consult is reserved for a small number of complex projects requiring crosscutting expertise and requires considerable preparation for the meeting on the requesters part.




New Partnerships and Research Directions


This year we have added or expanded a number of important partnerships that we think will provide important benefits, advance both the field in general, and enhance our own productivity. These include partnerships with:

 View Partnerships

Eastern Colorado (Denver) VA Quality Improvement Research and Implementation (QUERI) program, PI Mike Ho. QUERI is the VA’s national D&I program, recognized as one of the most intensive and comprehensive in the country. Russ and Borsika are primary liaisons.


Eastern Colorado Geriatrics Research, Education, and Clinical Center (GRECC)- one of several geriatric research centers around the country specializing in aging research. Bob Schwartz, PI; Dan Matlock primary liaison.


University School of Medicine Center on Aging. Bob Schwartz, PI.  Campus center for geriatrics research. Jodi Holtrop primary liaison.


University of Colorado CCTSI translation program​ (extension of previous relationship) and national CTSA program D&I groups. Elaine Morrato primary liaison.


New research priorities and theme for the ACCORDS D&I program include:

·         designing for dissemination;

·         practical application of planning and evaluation models (e.g., RE-AIM and adaptation) for decision makers and community groups;

·         development of interactive D&I tools and resources;

·         D&I issues in aging and patient centered chronic illness care​



New Resources for D&I  (we recommend periodically reviewing these at our website for updates prior to consultation or research meetings with the D&I program.

 New Resources Include . . .

D&I Consultation form​: Recommended for completion prior to meeting with D&I program staff.


Interactive programs on-

·         Making Research Matter: ( interactive web program to help understand and select D&I theoretical models

·         RE-AIM Self Quiz ( Interactive tool on RE-AIM model to help program planers evaluate likely impact of programs or policies on RE-AIM dimensions (e.g., reach, effectiveness, adoption, implementation, and maintenance)

·         eBooks on D&I and pragmatic trials research (​). Interactive summaries of key D&I issues with self-tailored learning and choice of levels of content. Currently being updated and revised.  The pragmatic trials eBook is being translated into French upon request from a national Canadian research network.


Publishing and resources​Continuously updated

Checklists and guidelines for various D&I tasks, activities and research. Continuously developed and under review​