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HPV Vaccine Toolkit


Adolescent-targeted vaccines, particularly the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine,
are under utilized in the US. There is a need to find mechanisms to increase levels of
HPV vaccination among adolescents, particularly those 11-12years old.

This web-based toolkit includes materials and strategies that have been shown to
help improve providers strongly recommending the HPV vaccine and increasing
immunization rates.

These tools can be incorporated individually on a provider-level or as a practice-wide
implementation. ​Explore these tools using the top navigation bar or by clicking the links below.

​​Provider Implementation
Provide the  Decision Aid to  the  parent to  take home,  and encourage the  parent  to
        visit the website again.
After strong initial recommendation, provider can download a worksheet of
        Motivational Interviewing Techniques  to use with hesitant parents.
Refer the iVac Website link​ to patients located on both the facts sheet and decision aid.
Provider   may   offer  additional   counseling   regarding   HPV   vaccination as
        needed during the visit, utilizing the Fact Sheet.
The User Guide provides specific suggestions for provider utilization

Practice-Wide Implementation
​• Assign  a  Practice  Champion  to  advocate  and  incorporate  these  tools into
Tailor resources that meet the needs of the practice and patients: Fact Sheet​, iVac Website, and Decision Aid.
Check out the  Process Maps to  understand where and  when  to utilize these
        tools in your practice’s workflow
The User Guide provides specific suggestions for implementation

Tailored Fact Sheets​​

Using an HPV Fact Sheet Template and Fact Sheet Library, providers and practices can create a fact sheet that is most compelling to their patients and addresses the specific concerns they hear from parents. The Fact Sheet Library includes a  wide  variety  of facts, graphs, pictures, and charts related to HPV and HPV vaccine.

Fact sheet example.JPG 
Tailor the fact sheet to reflect the concerns of your vaccine-hesitant parents​
QR codes are found at the bottom of the f​act sheet template that guides users to iVAC website​.

Additional Recommendations for Implementation:

Download HPV Fact Sheet (English)​

Download HPV Fact Sheet (Spanish)​

Provider Communication Training

After strong initial vaccine recommendation, this tool is used as  an  extended approach for when parents have questions or concerns. It enhances provider communication skills, utilizing Motivational Interviewing (MI) techniques to identify, explore, and resolve parental indecision about the vaccine.​

Strong Initial Recommendation

  • 1. Use a blanket, presumptive approach when first discussing vaccines
  • 2. Recommend all vaccines together in one sitting (e.g.. Tdap, HPV, MCV4)

​Motivational Interviewing Techniques for Hesitant Parents

  • 1. Step back, listen, reflect
  • 2. Use metaphors to take pressure off parent
  • 3. Join parent’s perspective
  • 4. Autonomy support

Motivational Interviewing thumb.JPG Role play vid thumb.JPG

Introduction to MI Video:

iVac HPV MI Training #1 (5280 Pediatrics) -
iVac MI Training #2 (The Youth Clinic, more content & less role playing) -

iVac MI Training #2 (Adolescent Medicine Clinic, more role playing and less content) -​

Decision Aid for HPV Vaccines

This worksheet provides a ‘balanced’ platform with information that clearly describes the benefits of vaccinating and additional facts for those parents who are hesitant of vaccination.


Use for parents who remained unconvinced even after viewing intervention materials
QR codes are found at the bottom of the decision aid that conncets users to iVAC website​.
Additional Recommendations for Implementation:

Download Decision Aid (English)

Download Decision Aid (Spanish)​

​​iVAC HPV Website

The iVAC HPV Website ( provides an additional source of information for those parents with concerns and questions about the vaccine and can be used before, during, or after the visit from any mobile or electronic device.

Using tailored messaging, it informs parents about the need for HPV vaccination, and assesses demographic characteristics, prior experience with HPV-related  diseases, and 21 different attitudes and beliefs about the HPV vaccine.

iVAC HPV Website Contents 
This intervention may work best prior to adolescent’s scheduled clinical encounter or after visit when questions remain.​​
  • (Survey upon entry) 
  • Introduction to HPV 
  • Introduction to HPV vaccine 
  • Disease Images
  • My Story
  • My Concerns Other Concerns More information