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Professional Development


One of ACCORDS’ primary mission is to train researchers in outcomes and health services research, provide mentorship to nurture junior faculty and to provide educational offerings to a wide audience of faculty across campus with an interest in T3-T4 research.  There are currently three fellowships at ACCORDS: 

  1. The Primary Care Research Fellowship (led by Dr. Ingrid Biswanger), which provides 2-year training programs for physicians in the specialties of general internal medicine, general pediatrics, and family medicine 
  2. The Surgical/subspecialists Clinical Outcomes Research (SCORE) Fellowship, (led by Dr. Allison Kempe), a similar fellowship that focuses on fellows or faculty with a subspecialty or surgical clinical focus; and 
  3. The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Scholars Program, a 2-year training program that provides similar training to faculty based at Denver Health.  

In addition to these formal training fellowships, ACCORDS hosts monthly or bi-monthly work in progress (WIP) sessions for groups of faculty at similar levels of training who have a common research focus.  For example, there are currently faculty WIPs focused on surgical/hospitalist outcomes, children with special health care needs, prevention of obesity in childhood, adult cardiology and adult surgical outcomes, each with 6-10 participating faculty. In addition, ACCORDS provide support for numerous career development awards and applications.  The educational opportunities​ hosted by ACCORDS include a weekly health services WIP, bi-monthly noon research presentations by ACCORDS faculty, a seminar series that spans the year and is focused on a particular topic each year, and 1-2 Workshops per year involving both local and national speakers.  


1. Learn More about the Primary Care Research Fellowship, which is designed to train outstanding physician researchers to improve the provision of primary care health services. 

2. Learn More about the Surgical/subspecialists Clinical Outcomes Research (SCORE) Fellowship, designed for pediatric surgeons and subspecialists interested in research training.​

3. Learn more about the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research (PCOR) Scholars Program, a Denver-Health based program which ​trains investigators to become research experts, institutional leaders, and future mentors. ​

ACCORDS provides K-Award Mentorship to qualified and interested colleagues in research. To learn more about K-Award mentorship, please contact an investigator directly via our Faculty Pages​.

In Addition to the previous Research Methods Seminar Series, ACCORDS has previously hosted such activities as the Qualitative Methods Research Forum, the CRISP seminar Series and a number of Conferences in areas such as Pragmatic Trials and Dissemination and Implementation

Currently, ACCORDS is planning a Large Conference on Secondary Analysis of Large Data Sets, and a number of educational tools and resources created by our investigators include: