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Grand Challenge Grant Program

The Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome is a part of the University of Colorado, housed on both the Anschutz Medical and Boulder campuses. The mission of the Institute is to improve the lives of all people with Down syndrome through advanced biomedical research, with the ultimate goal of enabling the development of novel diagnostics and therapeutic strategies for this population. The current leadership of the Institute plans to fulfill this mission by supporting research likely to aid in the understanding of Down syndrome and in reducing its adverse consequences. There is no question that exciting new technologies in genomics, genetics, stem cell biology, genome editing, and advanced imaging will enable novel powerful approaches to answer key outstanding questions in the field, and should enable our Down syndrome community to make significant strides towards our goals. 

Generous gifts from the Anna and John J. Sie Foundation and donors to the Global Down Syndrome Foundation, as well as significant support from the CU-Boulder and CU-Denver Chancellors’ Offices, provide for seed grants to initiate research projects on the mechanisms whereby three copies of chromosome 21 lead to Down syndrome and on ways to ameliorate the ill effects in those who currently have Down syndrome. These research grants will be available to University of Colorado faculty on either campus who now study Down syndrome or who are interested in initiating projects to do so. Our purpose is to create a vibrant, exciting and active research community dedicated to solving the key issues. We will be working together, with the aim of making the University of Colorado a powerhouse in this area ​   

For more information, please email​.​