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Linda Crnic Institute

Grand Challenge Grants

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This Request for Applications (RFA) is issued by the Linda Crnic Institute for Down Syndrome to address major research questions, or "Grand Challenges​​," in Down syndrome and assist investigators in obtaining independent funding for these projects. Grand Challenge applications should propose discreet research projects that will further our understanding of key Down syndrome phenotypes or co-morbidities and advance the mission and vision of the Crnic Institute and the larger Down syndrome research community.

Award Information

The awards will be for $50,000 for the initial funding period. No indirect costs can be requested. Limited salary support, fringe benefits, and teaching buy-out are permissible, but it is expected that the majority of the budget will be for direct research support, e.g. supplies, salaries for technicians, post-docs and graduate students, necessary equipment. 

As needed, additional funding of $50,000 may be applied for. This additional funding will be dependent on scientific progress and need. Each applicant will be expected to provide written milestones, subject to approval by Crnic Institute leadership, attainment of which will be required for additional funding.

For more information, please review the information contained in the page navigation to the upper left. Please email​​ with any additional quesitons.​​​​​