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July 2018

OCBME Newsletter

An Invitation from Kristin Furfari, MD, Associate Director for Preceptorship, FDC

Foundations of Doctoring Curriculum Now Seeking Clinical Preceptors 

    Beginning in their first year of medical school, all 184 University of Colorado School of Medicine students are matched with a primary care preceptor. With their preceptors in a true patient setting, students practice physical exams and communication skills that they have learned in the classroom. This early clinical exposure allows students to apply some of the basic science knowledge they are acquiring in the classroom, helps them to feel comfortable interacting with patients, and most importantly provides them with the opportunity to gain exposure to a practicing physician who can serve as a role model and mentor during their training.

    If you are a primary care physician in family medicine, internal medicine, pediatrics, OB/GYN or emergency medicine, we would love to have you join our team as a medical student preceptor! 

    We know that having a student in your practice setting can be a challenging balance. However, we are certain you will find this experience to be tremendously rewarding and refreshing to your career. Not only will you have a lasting impact on a young physician in training, you have the potential to have a positive influence on the way they interact with every patient they encounter for the rest of their career.

    If you are interested in becoming a preceptor this year or in the future, please contact us at See our website for further information.


Changes in Medical Student Documentation Requirements

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid (CMS) have updated the teaching physician requirements related to student documentation. The relevant section from the rule is in italics below, with changes in red text. 

The update brings great news for our future teaching physician workflow and for our students, as CMS has removed the requirement that the teaching physician must re-document the history of present illness, physical exam and medical decision-making by students. In the future, the teaching physician may verify and attest to the medical student documentation, likely in a similar manner to how we attest to a resident’s note. Details on what that needs to look like, however, are still unclear. 

Although the update technically became effective on March 5, there are still many outstanding questions. You will need to check with your own practice administrator about the administration of this change and the consequences. 

We understand the excitement this brings to many of you! 

​​Medical Student Documentation

In order to reduce administrative burden on providers, CMS has updated the teaching physician requirements related to Medical Student documentation.  CMS has removed the requirement that if the medical student documents E/M services, the teaching physician must verify and re-document the history of present illness as well as re-document the physical exam (PE) and medical decision making (MDM).  The change now states the teaching physician must verify all documentation or findings by the medical student and must personally perform (or re-perform) the PE and MDM, but may verify any medical student documentation rather than re-documenting.  See changes in red below.

Full Policy Text:

100.1.1 - Evaluation and Management (E/M) Services

(Rev. 3971, Issued: 02- 02- 18, Effective: 01-01-18, Implementation: 03- 05-18)

B. E/M Service Documentation Provided By Students

Any contribution and participation of a student to the performance of a billable service (other than the review of systems and/or past family/social history which are not separately billable, but are taken as part of an E/M service) must be performed in the physical presence of a teaching physician or physical presence of a resident in a service meeting the requirements set forth in this section for teaching physician billing.

Students may document services in the medical record. However, the teaching physician must verify in the medical record all student documentation or findings, including history, physical exam and/or medical decision makingThe teaching physician must personally perform (or re-performthe physical exam and medical decision making activities of the E/M service being billed, but may verify any student documentation of them in the medical record, rather than re-documenting this work.

This CMS change will allow students to add even more value by better supporting documentation of the clinical encounters they are involved in.
Meet Nicole Perez, Colorado Springs Branch Coordinator Nicole-Perez
Welcome to Nicole Perez, the Colorado Springs Branch coordinator for the University of Colorado School of Medicine. She began her role in September 2017, bringing with her 10 years of experience in student finance. Additionally, Nicole earned a master’s degree in Organizational Development and Leadership from University of the Rockies in 2014. 

As branch coordinator, Nicole supports staff, faculty, students and clinical preceptors.
“I am passionate about organizations that bring people together to achieve a common goal and make an impact on their community,” said Nicole, making her a great fit for our organization.