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Make a Professionalism Report

Click on the Faculty Professionalism Reporting Site for the University of Colorado School of Medicine to make a professionalism report.  You will be able to create an unidentifable account which will allow you to anonymously communicate with the Faculty Professionalism Committee.  When you submit the report, you will be issued a Report Key and you will be asked to create a Password, which will allow you to communicate with the Committee.  It is important to remember that, once you submit your report, you must return to the Faculty Professionalism Reporting Site and use the Report Key and Password to check for communications sent to you by the Committee during the investigation of this report. 

You will leave the School of Medicine website when you click on the Faculty Professionalism Reporting Site to make a confidential professionalism report.

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, the faculty professionalism reporting mechanism is intended for reporting on School of Medicine Faculty and Residents by Medical Students and Residents only. Other health care professional learners are encouraged to use their individual program's designated mechanism.​