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Confidentiality of the Reporting Process

The School of Medicine, UME, GME and Faculty Senate place the utmost importance and priority on the confidentiality of the new Faculty Professionalism Committee and its reporting system. All reports are confidential, and the reporter can also choose to remain anonymous.
When a report is made, if the reporter has chosen to remain anonymous, the reporter’s name will in no way be tagged to the report or the process.  If the reporter chooses to provide their name confidentially, depending on whether the report concerns a faculty member or a resident/fellow, the reporter's name will be released only to the Chair of the Faculty Professionalism Committee and/or the Chair of the GME Professionalism Committee. The reporter's permission shall be required in order for the Chair to divulge the name to the sole member of the Committee who is assigned to investigate the report.
It is the responsibility of the Chair to assign the case to a member of the Committee who does not have a clear conflict of interest with the student, resident or faculty member under investigation. If the Chair of the committee is the subject of a report, the report will be released to the Vice-Chair and investigated without any involvement of the Chair.
If the investigator feels that more information would help clarify what occurred, he/she may wish to communicate with the reporter confidentially. If the reporter has chosen to remain anonymous, they may anonymously communicate with the committee after the report is submitted via the Report Key established by EthicsPoint when the report was made.  This messaging system allows the reporter to be informed on the progress of the case, remain involved with how and when the investigation should proceed to protect the reporter’s anonymity and respond to questions or comments from the committee.  However, it must be known that action beyond feedback of an anonymous report can be taken only if there is a consistent pattern of unprofessional behavior or the report describes a serious or major professionalism lapse.
If the reporter feels that the Chair or a member of the Faculty Professionalism Committee or the GME Professionalism Committee is a party to the complaint, the student reporter can instead report the incident to the  Ombuds Office.