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Mission Statement

School of Medicine Faculty Affairs


To provide services and support to faculty members, departments and programs, in order to advance the teaching, research, patient care and service missions of the School of Medicine.

Specific Objectives 

The Office of Faculty Affairs will work collaboratively with School of Medicine, campus and university leaders to promote faculty and organizational success.  Specifically, the Office of Faculty Affairs will:​

  1. Assist departments and divisions to recruit, develop, promote and retain outstanding teachers, clinicians and scholars; 

  2. Assist faculty, department chairs and administrators to understand and comply with the rules of the University and the School of Medicine;

  3. Develop and implement policies and practices that promote diversity, professionalism, collaboration and academic integrity across the School of Medicine;

  4. Develop and implement policies and practices ensure fair and consistent treatment of faculty, according to the rules of the University and the School of Medicine;

  5. Develop and implement policies and practices to build and sustain faculty vitality and success, through faculty development, mentorship, leadership training and resiliency;

  6. Develop and maintain a comprehensive faculty evaluation and post-tenure review system – one that uses valid and relevant measures of faculty performance, ensures faculty accountability, is linked to faculty self-improvement, provides reliable data for promotion and tenure decisions and reflects the missions and values of the School of Medicine; 

  7. Assist faculty members to participate effectively in the shared governance of the School of Medicine;

  8. Conduct periodic faculty surveys to measure faculty satisfaction, vitality and career success, and develop and implement policies to address challenges and guide change; and

  9. Provide administrative support for faculty appointments, promotions, tenure awards, post-tenure and annual performance reviews and other activities.