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How Well Am I?

You are not alone! Did you know:

Anxiety & Substance Abuse: In a study of 2nd year medical students in Britain (Pickard, et. al 2000):

  • 41.2% had anxiety rating in clinically significant range.
  • > 50% exceeded recommended weekly intake of alcohol (14 units for women and 21 units for men)
  • 33.1% reported illicit drug use

Depression: In a study of depression, burnout and quality of life in minority versus non-minority medical students (Dyrbye, et. al, 2007):

  • Rates of depression near 49%.

Insomnia: A study at Johns Hopkins found that (Chang, et. al, 1997):

  • Risk of clinical depression greater in those reporting insomnia (relative risk 2.0) 

Burnout: (Dyrbye, et. al, 2008)

  • 49.6% of medical students in 7 U.S. medical schools had scores qualifying them for burnout.
  • Of these students, 11.2% reported suicidal ideation in the past year.

Eating disorders: (Futch, et. al, 1988).

  • Excessive dieting concerns more prevalent in female medical students than female graduate students, as was the incidence of bulimic eating patterns.