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Longitudinal Curriculum Committee- Student Page

​The Longitudinal Curriculum Committee (LCC) reports to the Curriculum Steering Committee 
(CSC). The CSC has oversight over the LCC and provides direction and approval ofthe
responsibilities of the LCC.  The Longitudinal Curriculum Committee (LCC) will be 
responsible (under the oversight of the CSC) for the following:
  • The design, content, integration, and implementation of the Longitudinal Curriculum elements.
  • Integration of the Longitudinal Curriculum with the Essentials Core blocks, Clinical Blocks, and Advanced Studies. 
  • Regular review of the Longitudinal Curriculum elements and Longitudinal Curriculum as a whole, including a summary report of the student on-line evaluations of each major Longitudinal Curricular Element (each Track, MSA, each thread, Foundations of Doctoring, ICC, IPE and PBL). 
  • Development and/or implementation of policies and/or procedures related to ongoing activities of the Longitudinal Curriculum, including textbook selection, format of handouts, attendance policies, audio and video recording of lectures, student assessment, grading policies, grade appeals, remediation, and operational policiesand evaluation for Longitudinal Curriculum
  • Development and/or implementation of new curriculum that is longitudinal in nature 
  • The LCC will report annually to the Curriculum Steering Committee (CSC).​


A list of updated student representatives can be found on your class's Canvas page (remember: class pages are listed under "Modules" on Canvas)​. Your lovely representatives are also keeping you updated on what is going on at their committees via the discussion boards on Canvas.