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Innovations Committee

The Innovations Committee has two main tasks: 1) building up and awarding the Student Organized Scholarship (SOS) and 2) awarding the Innovations Award. The SOS is a scholarship started by students awarded to students of the School of Medicine who contribute to the learning and enrichment of their peers. The goal of the committee is to raise the funds needed to create an endowment for the scholarship. The Innovations Award was created to promote efforts to impact the greater Aurora community.

Committee Chair: Natalia Arango, MS III

Committee Positions: 

Innovations Committee Chair: head committee meetings, head one of the sub-committees, divide committee members into the sub-committees, ensure deadlines are being met

Innovations Committee Members: serve on one of the sub-committees, one member will serve as head of one of the sub-committees and will be in charge of overseeing the tasks that need to be accomplished

Member expectations:

Members of the Innovations Committee are expected to attend MSC and committee meetings, serve on either the SOS sub-committee or Innovations Award sub-committe, carry out assigned tasks 

Basic Timeline:

SOS- send out nomination forms by mid-late October, have selection committee formed by end of November, select recipients by mid December, focus on fundraising efforts during spring semester

Innovations Award- send out applications by beginning of October, select winners by mid December, have winners present projects to MSC by March/April, request updates on project from winners by the following September

Current Committee Members: 

Traci Conner, MS IV

Natalia Arango, MS III

Damian Illing, MS III

Erik Arellano, MS II

Ani Reddy, MS I

Amy Beeson, MS I

Elizabeth Wood, MS I

​​​Committee Chair: Natalia Arango​
Committee Members: Tracy Conner, Damian Illing, Erik Arellano, Ani Reddy, Amy Beeson, Elizabeth Wood